Mekong Cultural Hub


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October 2013:00Lost in TranslationSIGN UP!
October 2114:00Immersive Nongkrong x Dapur Communion/ReunionSIGN UP!
October 2114:00Evaluating Socially Engaged Art Practice in South AsiaSIGN UP!
October 2116:00Creative Approaches to Engage CommunitySIGN UP!
October 2214:00Immersive Nongkrong x Dapur Communion/ReunionSIGN UP!
October 2214:00COVID Time CapsuleSIGN UP!
October 2216:00GEDUP!SIGN UP!
October 2216:00In Art We Trust! Art intervention in the communitySIGN UP!
October 2308:30 – 05:00Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: A Story of Migrant Workers Pursuing DreamsSIGN UP!
October 2612:00The Pluralism ToolboxSIGN UP!
October 2714:00You Are Not Alone – General Safety Training for Artists in AsiaSIGN UP!
October 2814:00GEDUP!SIGN UP!
October 2814:00Echoes from the StarsSIGN UP!
October 2816:00Oh, When Did I Take This Photo?SIGN UP!
October 2914:00Creative Approaches to Engage CommunitySIGN UP!
October 2914:00From Connection to Collaboration: How fair can it be?SIGN UP!
October 2916:00Lessons on community arts in AsiaSIGN UP!
October 2916:00COVID Time CapsuleSIGN UP!