Mekong Cultural Hub

Ice tea & rice paper / Trà đá & bánh tráng

Date: to be updated
Ho Chi Minh City
Event Type: in person
Registration: required/link to be updated

Trà đá & bánh tráng / Ice tea & rice paper is an experiment in creating an intimate environment for discussions between young artists in Vietnam, focusing on dance and performance practice intertwined with the other disciplines. There will be three parties hosted in Saigon (i.e. Ho Chi Minh City) at different houses (including houses of a film editor, a dancer/writer, a DJ). We will invite secret artists from Hanoi and Hoi An/Da Nang to come to Saigon to exchange the different experiences and point of view they have in their art scene. The meetings will be organised as a house party and the discussion will be led naturally.

More information: to be updated

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