The Mekong Mapping Project

Practitioners’ study exploring arts ecosystems, professional development needs and regional collaboration in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam

We initiated the Mekong Mapping Project as the first activity of MCH because we wanted to start the program by connecting and learning from our stakeholders in the region. We also knew from our own experience, that finding and connecting with artists and cultural workers in the Mekong Region, especially if wishing to reach outside the ‘usual suspects’ is not always easy. Therefore we hoped that a project which could serve the dual goals of:

  1. Learning about the current situation regarding regional exchange and collaboration in the region, including interests, priorities, and constraints of cultural actors in the Mekong Region
  2. Creating a database, with contact information and profiles for 150-200 artists and cultural workers in the region who are interested in regional collaboration and exchange

Would not only be of use to ourselves, but also be a helpful output for partners and networks outside of the region, who are seeking collaboration and partnership with the Mekong countries.