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2024 Learning Workshop: Ethical Dilemmas in Arts Practice


The learning workshop will be a series of conversations guided by a practitioner with rich experiences in working on and providing consultancy for dealing with ethical issues in the arts and culture field.  Participants come with experiences of dealing with ethical dilemmas in arts practice, open to open-ended conversations, keen to listen and to support each other to gaining better understanding about ethical issues, ways of new thinking, and analyze and seek for better methods to decision-making and references from the learning workshop.

A maximum of 15 people will be selected to participate in the learning workshop, which will be guided online by Deirdre Prins-Solani. Deirdre is an experienced facilitator with expertise in cultural heritage and creative industries with practice focus on capacity building for art sectors, inclusion and wellbeing, invited by MCH to design and guide this program.

There will be one 2-hour orientation and then four 3-hour weekly workshops over 4 weeks online.  These will include presentations by the facilitator e.g. what is ethics and ways to integrate ethics into your arts practice; small group discussions on case studies and exchange individual experiences with the group; and, plenary discussion supported and guided by the facilitator.  There will be an exercise or reading between each weekly workshop and it will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.  The final weekly workshop will include sharing an action plan from participants about how they would like to integrate their learning into their practice after the workshop.  During the workshop, the facilitator will support the participants to use collage as a method to visually express and analyse participants’ contexts, experiences, feelings and thoughts as so much of what guides our ethical practice and behaviour are intertwined with these.  

Participants who have fully participated in the workshop will have the opportunity to register for a one-to-one follow-up consultation with Deirdre if they would like to gain some advice from Deirdre on a specific dilemma or situation they need to solve.

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As mentioned above, this guided Learning Workshop will be delivered by an experienced practitioner Deirdre Prins-Solani, she has expertise in cultural heritage and creative industries with practice focusing on capacity building for art sectors, inclusion and wellbeing.

Deirdre Prins-Solani is based in Cape Town, South Africa. She is a closet poet, dabbler in visual arts and avid reader. She has worked in museums, world heritage and professional capacity building in the cultural sector for more than two decades.  She is a UNESCO facilitator in intangible cultural heritage (ICH or living heritage).  She serves as a committee member of the ICH subcommittee for the Association of Critical Heritage Studies.  She has conducted training and policy advisory services across the African continent, the Caribbean and the Asia-Pacific. 

Deirdre is invited to lead the learning workshop by MCH and the workshop will be supported by MCH team, including Jennifer LEE, Program Manager and Frances Rudgard, Director.   Deirdre has run several workshops with Living Arts International (including MCH) on Embedding Ethical Practices throughout 2022.  She also facilitated The MCH “Learning Workshop – Guided conversational learning about ethical dilemmas in arts practice” in 2023.

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This program is possible thanks to the support of organisations and individuals including: