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Tips on technology to join MCH Meeting Point

Are you ready to join our Meeting Point? Below is the list of Interactive presentation software tools which can help you easily create and deliver captivating interactive content: 


Build interactive presentations in the presentation builder.
Collect polls, data and opinions from participants using anonymously smart devices (phone or other devices). 
Get insights on participants with real-time data, moderate Q & A
Just sign up and create a presentation right away, when it’s ready, you can share a survey and its results with participants as short links or embed code

Engage your audiences with live polls, Q & A, live quizzes
Live video integration: engage your remote participants as they watch your live stream. One link. One tab. No more switching between apps or devices.
Quickly view your polls or expand individual poll results to dig deeper into your audience responses.
Generate an infographic from your event data and share it with your colleagues or participants via email or social media.

Digital whiteboard works together in Real-Time: 
Write and draw with the included stylus. 
Drag and resize text and images with your fingers.
Sketch a box, star, cat, or dragon. Image recognition technology converts your sketch into a polished image.
Share your jams with collaborators. Up to 50 people can work on a jam at once
Work with Google Drive
Add Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to a jam.
View and edit your jam files from anywhere with an internet connection. 
Host video meetings
Display upcoming Google Calendar events on Jamboard.
Tap an agenda item to start a scheduled meeting.
Present your whiteboard to people viewing remotely.

Digital theater 
Ticket sales 
Live steam/ video on demand 
Data collection & analytics sharing 
Own branding 
Survey form 
Enrollment form

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