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Executive Director of Living Arts International, Phloeun PRIM, received Taiwan Cultural Collaboration Medal 2021

We are happy and honored to announce that Mr. Phloeun PRIM has been named as one of the recipients of the Taiwan Cultural Collaboration Medal Awards 2021. The Medal is a recognition by the Minister of Culture Taiwan for his contributions to regional cultural exchange. 

The Medal awarding ceremony was held in Taipei for the first time on Nov 11, 2021 to honor 90 individuals whose long term career in grass root level has made significant contributions in supporting, cultivating, and protecting arts and culture in different field of culture and art such as cultural heritage, publication, performing arts, visual arts, craft, museum, community development/empowerment, traditional arts, pop culture and media, and cultural exchange. Phloeun was recognized for his great efforts in promoting and advocating for regional cultural exchange in the past 20 years.

Above picture: Phloeun (first line on the left) with fellows and networks in Taiwan to launch the MCH physical office in Taipei in 2018

On the right: Jennifer Lee, MCH’s Program Manager, and Mr. Yung-Te Lee at the Taiwan Cultural Collaboration Medal Awards Ceremony. Due to the pandemic situation, Jennifer attended the ceremony to accept the award on behalf of Phloeun.

Phloeun is the Executive Director of Living Arts International (LAI), which works in Cambodia as Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) and from Taiwan as Mekong Cultural Hub (MCH). 

Phloeun joined Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) in 2009 and became its Executive Director in 2010. Under his leadership, CLA has extended its reach from local to international audiences; expanded its community from the old generation of masters to a new generation of emerging artists and cultural leaders; and evolved its mission from preserving and transmitting endangered art forms to serving as a catalyst in Cambodia’s vibrant arts sector, focusing on innovation and expression.

Mekong Cultural Hub was established in 2017 as a branch office of Living Arts International which focuses on building connection and exchange among artists and cultural workers throughout Asia, especially focusing on the Mekong Region and Taiwan. In the past 4 years of working in the region and serving as a hub to connect people, MCH has been working with over 150 cultural practitioners, majority from Asia and most are from the Global South, and in partnership with more than 20 cultural and social organizations, most regional and grass root, and some international. 

The recognition for Phloeun’s achievements is also the acknowledgement of the Minister of Culture Taiwan for the contribution and the importance of LAI and all people who have been involved in its work to carry on the vision of building and developing a sustainable platform for regional cultural and art exchange. 

“It is important not to look at culture domestically. Rather, it should be viewed as an area that includes neighboring countries, and we should have a global point of view about the overall situation. I think that is the only way to promote cultural development.”

Phloeun Prim –

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