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Sample Interactive Session Ideas for Meeting Point 2024

At Meeting Point 2024, we’re looking for programs where art and cultural practitioners from Asia engage and explore the main theme of Perspective from Grassroots – Art and Social action in Asia. Our Interactive Session Open Call invites you to break boundaries, explore new horizons, and share your innovative ideas on that theme.

Here are a few proposal ideas that can serve as examples for the Interactive Session program. These proposal ideas are just the starting point, a glimpse into the infinite possibilities that await. Meeting Point 2024 is an open canvas for your creativity and innovation. Your proposals should reflect your unique practices, interests, and fresh perspectives on the theme “Perspectives from Grassroots – art and social action in Asia.”

If you are an art and cultural practitioner working with community, you can envision a workshop such as Artistic Advocacy Workshop which can Empower Communities- where you can lead an interactive workshop format to empower participants by harnessing the creative potential of art to address pressing social issues.

Or, picture a seminar that focuses on the power of narratives through storytelling in driving social change, delivered in a dynamic seminar format. Such seminars can examine how narratives shape our world and empower you to tell your own powerful stories.

Another possibility is to dive into “Action Research for Grassroots Impact” in a training format, equipping participants with the tools to conduct research, gather crucial data, and advocate for change within their communities.

If your focus is on the issues of environmental and nature preservation, imagine an artistic experience where participants create artworks or sculptures from recycled materials to raise awareness about environmental issues. This experience fosters creative expression while addressing the urgency of our planet’s health.

For those who love conversations and bridging the gap between art and social practices, a discussion where you foster conversations about social divides, bringing together diverse voices to explore the intricacies of building inclusive communities. Gain profound insights into bridging gaps and fostering unity.

And why not envision a “Cultural Exchange and Social Impact” exchange program, connecting artists, activists, and communities from various parts of Asia. By exploring both commonalities and differences, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and solutions that define each region.

Don’t limit your imagination—let it soar. We eagerly await your applications, each one a testament to the boundless potential of art and social action.

Apply today and be a part of the extraordinary at Meeting Point 2024!

If you are ready to apply, please click the link below!