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Network-led Interactive Sessions


In 2024, MCH will host its third Meeting Point on Art & Social Action in Asia. The in-person part of the Meeting Point will take place in Hanoi, from March 21st-23rd, and is organised in partnership with Heritage Space. We hope to have 80-100 people joining the program.

MCH is working with our collaborators and fellows network to organise a keynote roundtable, two curated conferences, some creative interventions and a sharing session about Local Gatherings, which will form part of the program over three days. We are also inviting partner arts and culture organisations and agencies who work at a regional level in Asia to host sessions. To ensure diverse voices and approaches to the discussions, we are now calling for other practitioners, collectives and organisations who have a perspective they would like to share or explore through the Meeting Point platform.

The Interactive Sessions are part of the meeting point 2024 in Hanoi.


Open call (Deadline November 12th, 2023)
Proposal Template
Q&A: Tuesday Oct 17th, 2023
Time : 5pm ICT (ICT time / UTC+7)
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Bạn cũng có thể nộp đề xuất bằng tiếng Việt, vui lòng xem thông tin chi tiết tại:
Kêu gọi nộp đề xuất (Hạn chót ngày 12/11/2023)
Mẫu Đề xuất


Interactive Sessions Hosting:
8 hosts selected (4 from Vietnam, 4 from Asia)
Theme: “Perspectives from Grassroots – Art and Social Action in Asia”
Sessions designed to be interactive, catering to 20-30 participants, and managed within 90 minutes.
Registration and Participation:
Sessions open for registration to all Meeting Point 2024 participants in Hanoi
Aims to provide hosts a space to share, explore, and present topics related to art and social action in their local contexts.
Session Logistics:
Each host allotted 90 minutes for their session during Meeting Point in Hanoi
Microgrant of $750 USD provided to cover necessary expenses for the interactive session.
Important dates:
All hosts must be available to attend the Meeting Point from March 21st-23rd, 2024 in Hanoi
Hosts will deliver their session on the afternoon of either March 22nd or March 23rd.
Working language:
The main Meeting Point program will be in English (session may be in other languages, in which case translation/ interpretation should be considered in the planning and budgeting.)
Support offered:
All travel & accommodation costs for one facilitator/ workshop leader per session to attend the Meeting Point in Hanoi
A $750 USD unrestricted micro-grant per host

Interactive Session Hosts


How to understand the theme “Perspective from the grassroots?” Do you have examples of interactive sessions with this theme?


No, we intentionally not to give definitions or examples.  For how to understand the theme, that is interpreted by individuals, groups, or collectives: what are your perspectives about art and culture and society in Asia.  During three days of Meeting Point in Hanoi next March 2024, we expect to hear bottom up voices.

How many people do we expect to participate in each interactive session? Did you mention about 30 people? Can we limit the number of participants if needed?


We estimate 20-30 people for each interactive session.  Yes, we can limit how many people can register and participate according to the design of the session.  The system for people to read the program information and to register has a function to limit how many people could register for different sessions and you could also request people register with certain preparation or from specific background or experiences or skills.

I have already participated in another program of the Meeting Point. Could I apply to host an interactive session or as a co-host?


Yes, you could.  There is no restriction that one person can only join one program.  However, we suggest you consider the feasibility of yourself.

Will the interactive session be completely offline or some will be online and/or it has to be planned hybrid?


All of the interactive sessions will only convey in-person(no online available) in Hanoi.

Will MCH promote to potential audiences take care of registration work? Or the hosts have to do their own promotion and registration work for their sessions?


The interactive sessions program is part of MCH Meeting Point, which is going to happen in Hanoi on March 21-23 2023.  MCH will directly invite 40-60 people to come to Meeting Point and there will be some people to come by themselves(internationally or locally).  This will be open to people to register without any fee charged.  It means very possibly about 80-100 people attending the Meeting Point.  There will be parallelled sessions happening, that’s why we assume 20-30 people for each interactive session.   We also estimate the audience may come from about 14 different Asian countries.

How is the age range of the audience MCH assumed? Is there any targeted age range of people? Are they selected to come?


No, we do not have any set or targeted for a specific age range.  They are adults.  The programs hosted by MCH, the participants of the programs were selected from open calls.   They will participate in the programs for a couple of months to exchange and to discuss on the topic they are interested in over several months.  From the beginning, they know that they are going to have sharing on the platform of Meeting Point.

Other people come to attend Meeting Point. We welcome anyone who would like to come and we think that they are actually self-selected because we believe they are also from art and society and they would like to meet like-minded people. 

What would the picture of ‘wildly successful’ look like for a session?


This is a great question.  Based on what the program is designed, we think that if everyone in the session/room is contributing, engaging, and connecting with others in the room.  We think that if the people who join the sessions are coming to meet people like-minded, interested in art and social action in Asia.

Hosts come with a core concept or idea with a plan but also be flexible to let the audience participate or be engaged.

Can I apply to join as an audience?


Yes, of course.  We welcome people to find resources to support themselves to come to attend because we are not able to support the budget for individuals to come.  You only need to register to join.

After the proposal submission, when would we know the selection result from MCH?


By Dec 1st 2023.



This program is possible thanks to support from organisations and individuals including: