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SEAΔ final stage – REFLECT Session

From MCH: Leaving the echoes of the Meeting Point and the mini-Meeting Point behind, today we would like to bring you back to the story of the SEAΔ 3 Fellowship – which has been ongoing since November 2020 and is reaching its final stage – REFLECT.

Ending the third stage of SEAΔ 3 Fellowship, a SEAΔ SHARE Session was organised from June 14 to 17 for the Fellows to share about their group projects on Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. In the last part of their journey, each SEAΔ Fellow will receive external mentoring support from experts among MCH’s Networks to develop the career of arts professionals and continue on realizing their personal Creative Inquiry to share at the REFLECT Session to take place this September.

How Creative Inquiry works?

As mentioned in a previous post, during SEAΔ Fellowship, the Fellows will collaborate with each other over 4 stages: exchange – create – share – reflect. The Creative Inquiry is an individual creative response as a practitioner to each fellow’s current context (arts and social) and the local, regional, national and global challenges they are facing through which enables the fellows to map/document their own experiences and learning. Together with the collective Creative Collaboration, this forms CREATE. 

Fellows’ Creative Inquiry will be shared with a small invited audience during REFLECT.

Why is mentoring needed?

Considering mentoring as a valued and essential part of the career development of arts professionals, SEAΔ Fellowship offers the Fellows external mentoring from senior/experienced leaders working across arts & society. Based on their interested fields, expectations, and personal inquiry questions, each Fellow will be connected with a senior/experienced leader within MCH network who will commit 3 hour individual mentorship with them.  

By the mentorship we hope to help each Fellow to find direction in their career, access networks and contacts, improve their managerial or leadership skills, gain the opportunity to work with someone who understands their work from the inside, achieve an insight into another person’s challenges, skills and responsibilities and develop their mentoring skills and confidence.

Stay tuned for updates on what SEAΔ Fellows will archive throughout this journey at the REFLECT session, the final stage of the Fellowship, to take place in September this year.

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