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MCH Open Space: A Q&A on 2023 Asian Dance Film Festival open call

On Tuesday, January 17th, 2023, Mekong Cultural Hub was pleased to host Cityline (Hong Kong) to present: MCH Open Space: Q&A on 2023 Asian Dance Film Festival open call. The session started with a short introduction about the Asian Dance Film Festival 2023, which is currently open for applications and followed by a Q&A session with Winona Chan, Consultant at Cityline (Hong Kong). Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions below for the summary of all questions which were raised during the session and their answers from Cityline.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have any definition of a dance film?


☑ Any film that includes dance elements which include documentary 

Some of the work can be classified as performance rather than dance, we have a “Special Selection” category to show the works.

2. How would Cityline curate and select the films?


Audiences who come to Cityline are interested in culture and entertainment in general. Cityline would like to introduce the genre of dance film and different dance cultures of Asia to the general public, instead of aiming for high artistic work. 

We want to be inclusive and present diversity of the dance culture in Asia. Basically the only restriction is the film is suitable to be shown to the general public and not against the law of Hong Kong.

3. Is there a minimum/maximum length of the film Cityline requests?


No strict requirement.

We charge different prices according to the length of the film (under 60 min/ above 60 mins) so we encourage longer films.

4. How many films can one person submit? For example, one director has more than one dance film wants to submit.


There’s no limit.

5. Is there any requirement in terms of quality of the work?


We are only concerned with the visual quality of the film (for example, not visually blurred or  low-resolution, not noise …), which must be good enough to be shown on the platform.  We do not judge the artistic quality of the works to be submitted.

We think that strong culture elements are easier to attract audiences, and provide good material for critics and cultural journalists to write about. We are open to any styles.

6. How is the percentage of the sharing ticketing artist and Cityline? Is there any extra admin fee charged from the artists?


Ticket revenue raised from the sales of single tickets excluding total handling fees will be shared between Presenter and Cityline in the ratio 5:5. In addition, the net profit of Dance Film Festival Pass and Eyes on Asia Pass (deducting the 50% share of Cityline) will be evenly distributed among all related participating creators/artists/presenters.

No extra fee for the artist to participate in the film festival.

7. Is there funding available for artists to develop their film? For example, my piece was done before in a short dance video. But now I want to apply to extend the long video dance with collaboration with Vietnamese and other Cambodian artists. Can I apply it to make it bigger?


Currently, there is no funding available for production. We will explore the possibilities for related projects in the future if the upcoming Dance Film Festival can be proven to be a successful one to Cityline’s owner.

8. I have a question about the supporting information and materials that artists should provide when they submit their film(description/ title/blurb etc) … I guess it should be in English? Would Cityline help to edit – or what is provided will be used?


To participate in the film festival, please provide the following:

  1. File(s) of the video(s) and description(s) for Cityline’s review (no later than February 3, 2023) 
  2. Upon confirmation of collaboration (2-3 working days after submitting (1)):
    1. trailer(s)
    2. still(s)

If possible, please provide information in English and Chinese. 

Otherwise, information in English is acceptable. Cityline will support editing the texts in consideration of how to communicate to the potential audience more effectively.  Subtitling of videos will be as it is and Cityline will not be responsible for such.

If you are interested in participating in this Festival, please check out the open call HERE for more information.

The event is a part of MCH OPEN SPACE – a virtual space open for artists and cultural workers to present their work, connect with relevant audiences, expand their network, or reach out to like-minded practitioners in the art and social field across Asia. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please visit HERE.

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