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Professional Exchange Program 2022: Open Call for Participation

MCH is pleased to announce Professional Exchange Program 2022, a Peer-to-Peer Professional Exchange space for art and culture practitioners who work at the intersection of art and society in Mekong Region and Taiwan. The program has been devised by MCH team after two very different earlier chapters of the program.  MCH program Manager Jennifer Lee has been invested and worked with different versions:

“We started Professional Exchange in the first place because we heard the eagerness of our fellows to visit and see how other professional peers work in their places and frameworks.  They want to learn more and they are so curious how different local contexts enriched or influenced art and culture practitioners and their works.  Our first version of the Professional Exchange program was based on in-person work and research placements between a host and a participant.  Once the COVID pandemic came along, we had to adapt. So in 2020, our Professional Exchange participants handled their activities online. Of course it was missing some of the aspects you can only really get in-person, but we were pleasantly surprised by how valuable it still was. I remember when we had some debrief reflection with the participants Tai-jung YU said to me, ”honestly, I was feeling so tired of being online when you suggested we meet online to have some planned and focused exchanges… I wanted to meet and know Tun Tun(supposed to be the visiting participant from Mandalay) so I tried anyway. I was surprised at how valuable and inspiring our online exchange and discussions were.  I knew him, his work and his community better, which made me want to bring those positive experiences forward into this latest version of the program.”

In 2021, MCH sent a short survey (you can read key findings here) to our Fellows network to find out their main priorities in terms of issues they want to work on and the skills they want to learn, as well as the skills they feel they could share with others. We used the feedback from our Fellows to come up with priority topics for the Professional Exchange program in 2022. 

Putting together what we learned from our former Professional Exchange participants, and from our survey to the Fellows, we selected three focus topics:

☑ Topic A: Project development and management of art / cultural projects
☑ Topic B: Workshop design and facilitation of engaging communities into art projects & art making process
☑ Topic C: Ethics in socially-engaged and community-based art projects

Each topic will be explored by one small group, who will bring together their individual experiences to exchange with each other and to draw out some common lessons learnt, and any innovation and advice they believe they can share to others. Participants will engage in 3-5 online gatherings with each other to share their local knowledge, on-the-ground practices and real projects as case studies. The Peer Facilitators will support and guide the conversations. And at the end of the Exchange each group will produce a simple document which will allow the learning to be shared to a wider audience.

The Peer Facilitators that MCH invited to facilitate the exchanges are Fellows who we have worked with closely and know have extensive professional experience in the area of the topic, and are skilled and curious to create dialogue with their peers for mutual learning. They are already looking forward to getting started:

Leadership is about inspiring others to act upon a common goal. The key to success is commitment, openness and willingness to extend ourselves to encounter and know the other.”  This is how Joanne MUN takes from the topic and how she will support the discussions.

If you are interested in joining this program, please click the buttons below to learn more. The program is open to art and culture practitioners from MCH’s priority focus countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Important dates:

📆 Deadline for Submission: July 17, 2022

❓Joining us for an Online Q&A Session at: 
⏰16.00pm (ICT time) Tuesday July 5, 2022
💬 Language: English
 ✍️ Register HERE:

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