Mekong Cultural Hub

Professional Exchange 2022: How have the participants found their experience?

During the last 2 months nine practitioners selected from 6 countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam joining MCH Professional Exchange Program 2022 have been working together with four Peer-Facilitators to share their experiences on three main topics: project design, workshop facilitation and ethics. 

At the Meeting Point this year, they will share their emerging findings on best practices when engaging communities in art projects in Asia including: ground lessons learned about project design, workshop facilitation and ethics. Before joining their sharing and discussion, we would like to invite you to meet each participant and listen to what they have to share about their experiences joining this program so far: 

“My experience in participating in the Professional Exchange Program has invigorated me to develop leadership skills and self-confidence, and a greater understanding of the complexities of art and cultural practices in other countries. Experience building new connections and discovering new aspects of project management by sharing from my peers.”

“I’m delighted and honoured to have the chance to exchange ideas and experience with local art managers and artists in South East Asia, as well as to build a helpful knowledge base for the art community at large in the long run! I truly believe that the best value in new connections is to have meaningful conversations, and luckily, the Professional Exchange program is a great meeting point for diverse and fruitful discourse and connections in cultural and art fields.”

“Even though we do not meet very often, I find each two hour meeting within our group which provides me with rich information and opportunities to listen, share, and connect to other peers fruitful. We share something in common such as no one in the team has any training in project management, and we learn from each other the different experiences in dealing with different subject matter, and different cultural and political contexts. Our group’s facilitator is an experienced researcher who gives us useful suggestions, criticisms and encouragement and makes the group’s exchange atmosphere more lively, and relaxing.”

Meet other participants