Mekong Cultural Hub

Professional Exchange 2022

Professional Exchange Program 2022 was a Peer-to-Peer Professional Exchange space for art and culture practitioners who work at the intersection of art and society in Mekong Region and Taiwan. The program was devised by MCH team after two very different earlier chapters. Nine participants, chosen via an open call, were divided into three groups, each works together under one of the following topic:


Open call
Full Program description
Meeting Point sharing

● TOPIC A: Project development and management of art / cultural projects
● TOPIC B: Workshop design and facilitation of engaging communities into art projects & art making process
● TOPIC C: Ethics in socially-engaged and community-based art projects

During the program, each group had 3-5 online gatherings facilitated by a (group of) peer-facilitator through which participating experienced practitioners share their local knowledge, on-the-ground practices and real projects as case studies with each other and gain mutual learning and expand their perspectives.

The most useful and practical learnings and best practices identified by the group were documented and made available to a wider network as a Best Practice Toolkit, specific to the context of cultural practitioners and socially-engaged arts in Mekong Region and Taiwan. Their exchange experiences were also shared with a wider audience on the Meeting Point platform to widen their connections, contributions and influences.

The progarm became a meeting point for diverse and fruitful discourse and connections in cultural and art fields, it help participants learn different experiences in dealing with different subject matter, different cultural and political contexts and knowledge base for the art community at large in the long run. Meeting with peer-facilitator and group member provide them with suggestions, criticisms and encouragement to do the work better.