Mekong Cultural Hub

Congyang Connex

Organiser(s): Kelompok Kurator Kampung (KKK) and Kolektif Hysteria
Date: 28-29 October 2022, all day event
Location: Semarang, Central Java
Event Type: Both in person and online

We have a plan to make a series of conversations between local artists/curators in Indonesia with several art collectives in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand). Through this project, we want to develop a set of modules/toolkits based on the experience of our speaker and later distribute it through our website. This toolkit can be beneficial as a resource to understand how different artistic interventions work through social action. In addition, we are going to do a local gathering with an art collective based in Semarang, Indonesia (Komunitas Hysteria) and share the knowledge from the conversation to the youth in Semarang.

More information: To be updated


Ayos, Barto, Rifandi, Akhmad