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Nguyễn Thùy Dương (Dương)

Community engaged arts, Contemporary visual arts, Creative Industries/ cultural+ social business, Heritage, Horticulture/ nature/ environment, Journalism, Theatre/Drama/ Contemporary circus
Artist (writer/performer/filmmaker/visual artist etc), Educator / Facilitator, Policy/ research
Capacity building for arts sector, Environment, Gender, Rights
Regional Representative
Meeting Point
Her journey into the arts started in 2009 when she began her education in Fine Arts, and her passion for it has never stopped. For her, art is about bringing a necessary message to various communities. In social activities, individuals connect with each other through industry, religions, and interests. In the field of culture and arts, groups of artists are formed on the basis of cooperation, support and assistance based on personality, skills and common goals. Connections are made through interactions over time, creating accumulated resources for the individuals involved.

In recent years, she has been involved in various exhibition projects, but the one that makes her feel proud the most is when she joined an art residency program opened by a group named Đàn Đó. The program is an achievement of 10 years’ group research to create new instruments. It shows the combination between traditional and contemporary. For her, it is not trying to encapsulate grand ideas, but focuses, instead, on the personalities of a single group of performers, using simple, natural materials, to bring people together through paintings and music.

Following the development of the country, the Vietnamese art community has been growing in the last five years through exhibitions, workshops, talks and art competitions. It creates the environment for the local community and provides not just a platform for local creative and cultural organizations, but also to showcase the talent of the young people. Becoming a Regional Representative for her is to be responsible for sharing information and advice, as well as bringing valuable networks that can help Vietnamese art community to access regional opportunities, in exchange with the other countries in the region.
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