Mekong Cultural Hub

Trà đá Party: “Dạo Nghe” (Sound Walk)

Organiser(s): MORUAOfficine GặpSigon Production with venue supported by Sigon Production, Barzinga Saigon
Date: October 28-30, 2022
Location: Ho Chi Minh City
Event Type: in person


An exchange ‘party’ and (hopefully lead to) a creative experiment based on daily materials, through the act of “listening/sensing”. 14 invited participants coming from the field of dance/performance and sound art will be spending time together unlearning/ relearning ways of “listening/sensing” and doing city walks in Saigon. This city walk is expected to create a bridge for the participants to reconnect with the city they are living in as well as to reconnect with themselves and with the other through mutual experience: doing field recordings. There will be an exchange workshop on three levels: Listening to the bodies; Listening to the space; Listening to each other. The participants will be instructed to use recording devices and divided into groups of a mix between dancers/performers and sound artists to do field recordings. After the walk, all the groups will gather together to discuss their experiences and materials and whether they have ideas for future collaborations. At the end, there will be a jam between the participants and the invited guests, ideally based on the field recording materials.

Day 1: 28/10/2022: TRÀ ĐÁ LÀM QUEN (ICE TEA GREETING) – Invited participants only
– Workshop and game on how to listen and sense through bodies, to get to know each other in a natural and safe way. Hosted by Đoàn Thanh Toàn
– Sharing and practice session at Sigon Production’s Studio: Introduction about sound. What do we talk about when we talk about listening? How to actually listen? After that, Participants learn to use different sound recording devices and answer questions about the sound they hear. Hosted by Nam Nguyễn, Vũ Thành Long. 

– Sharing session at Sigon Production: Experiments and experiences of doing field recordings and using field recording materials to create sound-related work/collaborations. Hosted by Nam Nguyễn, In conversation with Nhung Nguyễn.

– Rooftop beer and sharing individual practices at NEO- Rooftop Bar and Gallery

Day 2: 29/10/2022: VỈA HÈ DẠO NGHE (CITY SOUND WALK) – Invited participants only– Morning: at Thảo Cầm Viên (the zoo), hosted by Nam Nguyen and Vu Thanh Long

+Part 1:Guided sound walk, using sound recorder to listen to this space’s sound. 

+Part 2: Silent Sound Walk: participants are divided into 4 groups of a mix between dance artist and sound artists, having ear plug walking around to listen in silence for 20 mins

+Part 3: Gathering and discuss
– Afternoon: 2,5 hour of city walks with Yuri and Afra from Officine Gặp (interpreter provided), talking about the relationship between individual and public space, the senses and space, the relationship between sound and movement, while keeping doing field recordings during the walks.

Day 3: 30/10/2022: CHÉM GIÓ XUYÊN ÀN ĐÊM (SHOOT THE BREEZES – night long jam) – With invited guests but still Open to small public, no registration. We want to keep it more intimate and make a jam for the participants and their invited peers.
– Morning: Participants share about their experiences and materials and discuss whether there’s possible collaboration. They might want to practice something but it’s all up to their needs.
– Jam Night: Participants jam together, with invited guests, based on the field recordings idealy.

– Venue: Barzinga Saigon