Mekong Cultural Hub

Delta X

Delta X was a special program co-organised by MCH and British Council which focuses on social transformation through arts and culture, exclusively for alumni of the SEAΔ Fellowship. The program derived from the need of alumni participating in three SEAΔ seasons who want to continue and expand the connection and cooperation after one year of attending the fellowship.


SEAΔ Fellowship (2028-2021)

The aims of this program were to:

● Offer alumni a chance to network and connect with like-minded peers from other years of the SEAD program
● Offer alumni the chance to work closely with experienced senior arts and culture practitioners from South East Asia
● Create a space where alumni can have the opportunity to deepen understanding, engagement and work on social transformation through arts and culture in the region
● Offer alumni a platform to present the outcomes of their participation in the program, via the next MCH Meeting Point in October 2022

All activities focused on transformation within our Art-making processes, Collaborative processes, Readiness for worldwide issues coming our way.


During the program we invited three Curators – who are experienced cultural practitioners – to work with each group to guide and support their collaboration through four stages:

● Connections and Common Ground – a three day virtual workshop for all Alumni to connect and reconnect, with people they met during their program, and people from other generations of SEAΔ, as well as meet with the Curators and discuss the concerns and topics they would like to investigate further throughout the program. Based on the additional inputs of the Alumni, each Curator develops a curatorial statement or question, that they are interested to explore further with the SEAΔ Alumni.
● Curating our Conversations – Curators and Alumni met again for further discussion and decided their topic and their proposed approach to convening.
● Convening – Alumni broke themselves into three smaller groups based on the topic(s) put forward by the Curators which they found most interesting to explore and work on during rest of the program in the next six months. Each group is expected to meet virtually once every 4-6 weeks, for a couple of hours online to exchange ideas and perspectives, and progress towards a collaborative outcome. MCH provides a collaboration budget for each group to support the convening and any collaborative outcome that the group wishes to generate from their convening. Each group will have the liberty to style and format their convening, design their budget, to achieve the group goals.

The Meeting Point in October 2022 was offered for all SEAΔ Alumni participating in the DeltaX program to share their experiences.


Below you can meet the Curators and see the topics that they developed for exploration, following stages one and two of the program as described above.

Social impact in art projects

This group investigated the importance of social collaboration (by building conviviality, empathy, consensus, common values and co-working) to attain positive social impact.

Eco-social Urbanism 

Looking at urban eco-social issues culturally; seeking ways for artistic intervention: Eco-social Urbanism as a way to explore—in depth and with a sense of crisis— climate change and its impacts on societies and cultures.


Gathering and Growing through Exercises and Experiments which serve to Disrupt our Usual Patterns and Develop our UntappedPotentials