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Pillai Janet (Janet)

Kuala Lumpur
Community engaged arts, Heritage, Theatre/Drama/ Contemporary circus
Educator / Facilitator, Policy/ research
Capacity building for arts sector
Advisors, Meeting Point
Community Engaged Arts Network, Arts-ED
Janet Pillai is an independent consultant and resource person in the field of arts and culture education and cultural sustainability. Her area of specialization is in cultural mapping and community-engaged arts practice which involves multi- stakeholder partnership with communities, government agencies, artists, academics and professionals.

Her work entails programming and training, as well as research and writing about community engaged arts practices in the Asian region. She also serves as an expert resource person with organisations such as UNESCO Bangkok, APCIEU Korea, and GETTY Foundation, USA. Related publications include Community-based Arts & Culture Education: A Resource Kit, Cultural Mapping: A Guide to Understanding Place, Community and Continuity and a regional website Interrogating Community-engaged Arts.
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