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Zun Ei Phyu (Zun Ei)

Community engaged arts, Contemporary visual arts
Artist (writer/performer/filmmaker/visual artist etc), Educator / Facilitator
Capacity building for arts sector, Healing / Wellbeing, Rights
SEAD Fellow
Meeting Point 2021, Meeting Point 2022
independent artist, informal community arts networks
Zun Ei Phyu is a visual artist who has devoted most of her time to paper-cutting, installations and community arts. Zun Ei is a medical doctor as well as a certified Art Therapy Life Coach. Zun Ei pursued her career in arts after medical school. She was involved in various in-country and overseas art projects and workshops since then. Zun Ei strongly believes that art can bring peace and mindfulness to anyone. She hopes art to be a platform to interact and connect people to themselves, and to each other as an emotional journey. Her works are research-based and not limited to painting and drawing. Zun Ei’s primary interest concerns public participatory art works and community art projects. Main themes of her works are social and ecological issues related to children and elderly people. She has created projects and workshops for youngsters from rehabilitation centers and children from monastic education schools on different topics including waste management, child labor, access to education and poverty. Zun Ei had successfully presented three solo exhibitions to date in Myanmar, Japan and Malaysia. She was also featured in more than twenty group exhibitions in Myanmar, Austria, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.
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