Mekong Cultural Hub

Creative Actions

The Living Room (Chiangmai) – by Suksopha Monthatip (Tip) and Jirapathomsakul Lattapol (Bom)
Walking on edge of The Citadel (Hue City) – by Nguyễn Thanh Mai
Fragment of history (Hanoi) – by Nguyễn Thuỳ Dương
How to reduce the use of plastics in Buddhist rituals? (Luang Prabang) – by Phonepath Keosomsak (Freddy)
Gender Issue Kidnapping woman to be wife (Vientiane) – by Khampalian Nengmongvang (Pia)
Cyclo (Phnom Penh) – by SOY Chanborey and Sang Sok Serey
Making connection – “Coffee, tea or ( )?” (Taiwan) – by Jerome Wang and Tsai Ming-Jiun

Creative Actions were a series of activities carried out by MCH’s Regional Representatives 2021-22 (Reps) from six countries including Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam during the mini-Meeting Point 2021 on July 17th, 2021. From April 2021, nine REPs had been working under the mentoring of artists and curator Tran Luong and the assistance of facilitator Lê Thuận Uyên to develop ideas of creating and implementing activities which aims to engage with their communities and reveal their local context, especially during the pandemic. The program was developed as a part of the Meeting Point 2021. With most of these countries being locked down under the protracted outbreaks of the COVID-19 pandemic, participants had actively found different creative ways to adapt with the situation.

In total seven creative actions were organised by the Reps. Please scroll down the page to discover each Creative Action. For further insights into the program, please take a look at Revealing Contexts in a Pandemic Moment: Creative Actions during MCH Meeting Point 2021 – a case study by Lê Thuận Uyên.