Mekong Cultural Hub

Covid Time Capsule

Date and time:
Oct. 22, from 14:00 (Bangkok Time)
Oct 29, from 16:00 (Bangkok Time) 
Format of event:  Virtual gallery viewing, video screening, a discussion of the project, and Q&A
Participants: No Limit


Presentation and discussion of a project which invited artists and others from within and outside Asia to capture on video their experience of the personal and public impact of COVID-19 by sharing objects that they would like to contribute to a virtual Time Capsule for viewing by future generations. Participants were also asked to record the special memories and stories they associated with the objects.

This project is a continuing collaboration among four artists from across Asia—Arief Hamizan (Malaysia), Jeffrey Tan (Singapore), Narumol Thammapruksa (Thailand) and Regina Yuching Lin (Taiwan). Mentored by Anmol Vellani (India), they have been meeting since December 2020 for conversations on the impact of COVID-19 on the arts and lives in the arts. The first result of this online collaboration was an imaginative response to the theme, which included performance videos and an online exhibition, presented at the Meeting Point 2021, organised by the Mekong Cultural Hub.