Mekong Cultural Hub

COVID Time Capsule


The present
before we can react
becomes the past.

Abbas Kiarostami

Is there something about COVID you don’t want to forget? Is there a memory associated with an object, image, video, song, film, exhibition that you would like to share with future generations? Would you like to tell us the story of why it holds great personal or professional significance for you?

You are invited to contribute an object and the story it tells us about your enduring memory of the pandemic.


This is a project by Arief, Jeffrey, Kop and Regina, four MCH Fellows, and our curator Anmol.

We’re inviting artists and other people associated with the arts from different parts of Asia and the world to contribute objects which will go into our virtual COVID Time Capsule.

All accepted submissions (images, video or audio recordings; no real objects will be collected) will be compiled and uploaded on this website.

Watch the videos of the objects placed in the COVID Time Capsule by the four artists who conceived this project, and hear their stories.

Check out more submissions to the COVID Time Capsule by artists and people associated with the arts from Asia and other parts of the world.


  • Are you interested in adding your object(s) to the COVID Time Capsule?
  • Consider the following questions to trigger your choice of objects and connected stories:
  • · Something that might not have happened if not for COVID?
  • · Something that holds special memories to tell your grandchildren about?
  • · Something unusual that you believe COVID reveals?
  • · Something you may want to retain after COVID?
  • · Something that is deeply meaningful to you and you don’t want to forget?

Where are our COVID Time Capsule contributors from?


If you have any questions regarding this project or your submission, you can contact us at

This project was made possible with support from MCH.