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Chest X-Ray (Kuzhali)

I contracted COVID sometime in October 2020. The initial panic was under control but the confusion surrounding it was very much alive. It was also the time when the Municipalities in Chennai had the time and funds to conduct regular home checks. When I tested positive, a van was sent to my home for a free compulsory checkup. I was taken to a Health centre where there were more deer than humans. My entry there was as much a surprise to me as it was for everyone else!
The free checkup included a chest X- Ray, the reason for which is still unknown to me. I was told by my doctor that X-Rays are taken for bone damage. I feel that these chekups were conducted to demonstrate the usage of allocated funds, and it seemed that there was a lack of clarity about COVID. This image of my X-Ray stands for the mass brain fog that all of us, including doctors and the government, seemed to have been going through with regard to this novel virus.

Contributor: Kuzhali

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