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Sky (Jimena)

Mexico City
My name is Jimena Schlaepfer, I live in Mexico City.

During the first year of the pandemic I practically never left my house and the only way to feel some freedom and peace of mind was to go up to the roof of my house every afternoon to watch the sunset. It became a beloved ritual for me, even though I live surrounded by buildings that did not allow me to see the entire horizon.

As time went by and the restrictions lessened and we were able to go outside again, I abandoned this beautiful habit of contemplating the sky and I regret it because it was really a moment of great beauty and peace and to disconnect from social networks and simply enter into a state of absolute contemplation and meditation.

I took pictures during all those days so that I have a collection of hundreds of images of sunsets from my rooftop. I would like to share some of them here.

Contributor: Jimena Schlaepfer

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