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Quarantine tag (Elena)

This is my quarantine tag when entering Taiwan back in September 2021. I have never thought I would be quarantining in my whole life. During my quarantine I was just moving from Spain to Taiwan for good, to start a PhD degree and, therefore, a new life.

The quarantine was ok. The first days I was struggling with jet lag and even had a breakdown. It ALWAYS happens to me when I take these big moves in life, then everything goes up from there :).

The following days I kept myself super busy (online courses, homework, paperwork, sports...)! Also, in Spain we had a crazy lockdown for 3 months in early 2020, so I guess I was already well-prepared.

Nonetheless, I was just worried about testing positive at some point since someone in my plane tested positive, so I was listed as possible contact, LOL.

Anyway, everything went very smoothly, I even had a small balcony I could exit to with a mask, and I was enjoying my first days in Taiwan ordering UBER Eats and preparing for my new adventures.

So, not a desirable situation, but still bearable.

I am very grateful, actually, COVID has really taught me a lot about myself and life and I was one of the lucky people to which this whole fucked up situation did not really impacted too much; but actually brought some advantages.

Quarantine was an experience, not necessarily a bad one :)

Contributor: Elena Quiroga

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