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Lola Lely (Lola)

SEAD Fellow
Lola Lely is an artist, designer and maker based in Hackney, East London. She was born in Hanoi, Vietnam but grew up in London and Kent. Lola's work is process and narrative-based and the outcomes may take the form of an event rather than just a product: a resting point rather than an end point. She practices craft in fresh and unexpected ways by linking contemporary practices and technology with age-old techniques. Storytelling, heritage and a respect for craft are important elements of her work. Lola enjoys working in interdisciplinary environments where new ideas are forged, and knowledge is exchanged. Collaboration is a strong feature of her work. Her collaborators have included an anthropologist, a storyteller, boot makers John Lobb, and the British Pop Artist, Allen Jones. Lola holds a Masters in Design Products from the Royal College of Art. Her work has been exhibited internationally including, the Victoria & Albert museum, Royal Academy of Arts, Design Museum in London and at Art Basel in Switzerland.
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