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Lee Ren Xin (Ren Xin)

Petaling Jaya
Architecture/Urban Development, Community engaged arts, Dance, Theatre/Drama/ Contemporary circus
Artist (writer/performer/filmmaker/visual artist etc)
Disability/ inclusion, Gender, Healing / Wellbeing, Migration
Meeting Point
#whoseneighborhoodproject; Five Arts Centre
Coming from a background of dance and choreography, I work with bodies, performance and relating between bodies, embodiment, place, and practice in daily spaces in the urban setting where I live. Working with rituals and repetition, I am interested to create repeated embodied, kinesthetic encounters: over time, what might shift in a place? I want to make space for bodies to be and be with each other in daily, shared spaces. I am based in Klang Valley in Malaysia, and am a member of the Five Arts Centre.
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Ren Xin

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