Mekong Cultural Hub

Phloeun Prim (Phloeun)

Phnom Penh
Community engaged arts, Creative Industries/ cultural+ social business, Dance, Theatre/Drama/ Contemporary circus
Arts Manager/ Administrator
Capacity building for arts sector
Meeting Point 2024
Cambodian Living Arts, Mekong Cultural Hub, Living Arts International
Phloeun is the Executive Director of Living Arts International. He started his career as a co-founder of a vocational training program called ‘Artisans d’Angkor’, teaching young artisans in rural areas to develop skills in traditional handicrafts, and creating a marketplace for their work. In 2010, he became Director of Cambodian Living Arts (CLA). In the last decade he has led the transformation of Cambodian Living Arts into Living Arts International, initiating policy-driven, collaborative and transnational cultural actions, inspired by the resilience of arts communities in post-conflict contexts. MCH and CLA are both initiatives of Living Arts International.
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