Mekong Cultural Hub

Zikri RAHMAN (Zikri)

Kuala Lumpur
Community engaged arts, Creative Industries/ cultural+ social business, Literature/poetry/ storytelling
Artist (writer/performer/filmmaker/visual artist etc), Arts Manager/ Administrator, Curator, Educator / Facilitator, Policy/ research
Capacity building for arts sector, Economic opportunity, Rights
SEAD Fellow
Buku Jalanan / LiteraCity / Idearaya
Zikri Rahman has consistently embarked on collaborations with cultural activist groups in various socio-political projects. Buku Jalanan, a community-based cultural literacy and street library movement he co-founded, is a loose cultural and knowledge workers network focusing on decentralizing the modes of knowledge production. Operating like a “rhizome”, the initiative is spread almost to a hundred different locations and has been adopted by hundreds of other autonomous cultural workers worldwide. He is also the festival director of the inaugural Idearaya, a festival of ideas dedicated to celebrating progressive discourses within the vibrant grassroots community of intelligentsia, civil society, and community organizers in Southeast Asia. With LiteraCity, he initiated a literary and cultural mapping project in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Currently pursuing his postgraduate studies in Social Research and Cultural Studies in Taiwan, Zikri is also a writer, independent researcher, translator and podcaster for various ephemeral platforms
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