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Sorn Soran (Soran)

Phnom Penh
Community engaged arts, Creative Industries/ cultural+ social business, Heritage, Literature/poetry/ storytelling, Theatre/Drama/ Contemporary circus
Artist (writer/performer/filmmaker/visual artist etc), Arts Manager/ Administrator, Curator, Designer, Production management
Capacity building for arts sector, Environment
SEAD Fellow
Bambu Stage, Kbach Gallery, Sa Sa Art Projects, Cambodian Living Arts
Soran is a storyteller and he inspires the new generation in Cambodia to believe in themselves. He was born in Siem Reap, home of the ancient Cambodian capital of Angkor. The beautiful designs of Angkor Wat temple and the surrounding temples such as Angkor Thom inspired him to become an artist. He initially studied the art of classical painting and Khmer traditional shadow puppetry (sbek thom) with master Nhoek Srey Ratana from 2008-2012. Soran then apprenticed with modern painter Nin Vannak for two year, and eventually began his professional career in 2015 as a director of Bambu Stage, where he led performances, co-wrote, choreographed original productions, and facilitated student workshops. He promoted this art form in Cambodia and internationally. He remarks that it’s important to preserve the traditional art of shadow puppetry in Cambodia. He recently received the National Award for Traditional Leather Design from the Ministry of Culture’s National Art Festival focused on the episode “Rama Shoots His Arrows.” Soran was a Studio Director at Kbach Gallery in Phnom Penh, where he managed artist studios while being a leather puppet artist-in-residence. He is continuing to build his knowledge and engagement with the art community in Phnom Penh through courses at Sa Sa Art Projects and Cambodian Living Arts.
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