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Sithen SUM (Sithen)

Phnom Penh
Community engaged arts, Creative Industries/ cultural+ social business, Film / Documentary, Marketing
Educator / Facilitator, Production management
Environment, Indigenous communities, Occupational skill / vocational training
Applied Learning
Sunflower Film Organization:, Let's Document Cambodia:, Sunflower Film Alliance:, Chaktomuk Short Film Festival:, Sunflower Media:, Ahkara Translation Agency:, Social Youth Festival:
Since 2009, I have mobilized thousands of Cambodian film enthusiasts to build their foundations, producing and showcasing their short films, through intensive workshops and trips and Chaktomuk Short Film Festival (CSFF). In late 2018, I graduated from a six-month movie producing course at Busan Asian Film School. After founding Sunflower Film Alliance (SFA) in late 2017 and registering Sunflower Film Organization (SFO) in 2019, I pursued my mission in training Cambodian and indigenous youths and profiling up their works. In early 2019, I initiated Sunflower Media (SM) as a social enterprise to sustain SFO’s operations and add value to non-profits for maximum social impact.
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