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Su Ye (Suye)

Huaniao Island
Community engaged arts, Film / Documentary, Heritage
Artist (writer/performer/filmmaker/visual artist etc)
Meeting Point 2021, Meeting Point 2022
Huaniao Island Art Festival
Su Ye, born in 1988, is from Inner Mongolia. She studied Architectural Design at The University of Seoul in Korea. In 2021, Su Ye was invited by Lim Young Cheol, the Architect of Huaniao Island/Artistic Director of the Huaniao Island International Public Art Festival 2021, to come to Huaniao Island to take family portraits of the elderly, with Lim as the initiator and Su Ye as the facilitator. Today, the Inner Mongolian girl has fully adapted to life on the island, carrying her camera every day to capture precious moments of family reunions for the island's elderly. Compared to the usual tourist photos, her photos for the island are more focused on the atmosphere of the fishing village, the island climate, and the aboriginal culture.
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Huaniao Island

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